About Maxwell

Over the past eight years, Maxwell has hosted bubble shows as a form of entertainment and art therapy. In particular, he uses bubbleology to assist children with autism. “It’s a very sensory, very therapeutic activity,” Maxwell explains. The beguiling colours and movements captivate people’s attention, aid focus, and create a sense of calm. With fluid hand gestures, Maxwell forms kaleidoscopic orbs and psychedelic waves. Though he never intended it, these displays also enhance children’s scientific knowledge. Understanding how bubbles can have flat sides, make geometric patterns, become tornados, be set on fire, and defy gravity creates a perfect fusion of Art and Science.

As Africa’s only bubbleologist, Maxwell gives people the chance to learn and play simultaneously. The artist has brought bubble mania to parties for old and young, science festivals, corporate events, hospitals and special needs foundations around the world. Wherever he goes, Maxwell’s iridescent creations bring joy. “Bubbles just remind me of the simplicity of life itself,” he says. Sometimes, happiness is ours for the making. 

“Entertainment brings people together, but the purpose, is not to show amazing things I can do, it is to make the audience a unit, who collectively experience magic, which shatters ego and leaves minds wondering, on endless possibilities. With bubbles, it always adds a powerful pull to childhood and a playful mindset. So when I amaze crowds and put them into a mesmerised child mind-state. I like to punch in messages of positivity and beautiful natural science. This to me, is how to gather people successfully. “

Maxwell the Bubbleologist
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