About Vivi the Bubble lady

About Vivi

I love how much joy I bring to children and adults. Even if it lasts for just a moment.

I am constantly learning more ways to make a party fun and successful. I spend a lot of time improving my bubble technique, face painting skills, neon painting skills, and glitter tattooing skills.

I understand how important it is to be great not only in making bubbles but in entertaining and in being approachable. That’s why I love showing up in a wonderful colourful costume with a big smile and playful mindset


I started children’s entertainment as a face painter 8 years ago. When I met Maxwell the Bubbleologist he trained me to become a bubble fairy. I have done bubble parties for 4 years. I now work as a bubble sensory facilitator at a special needs school every week. Teaching children how to make bubbles, explore different sensory apsects, control their breathing as well as relax and have fun!

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