Bubble Land

Bubble Land.
A immersive and interactive Bubble experience.

Watch a Bubble show, from inside the Bubble.

Bubble artistry merged with boundary pushing technology.

Immersive Experiences is an award-winning, 360 experientials company who have been creating memorable events for over a decade, by combining the magic of immersive digital technologies, science and amazing people.

Maxwell the Bubbleologist has toured the world with his Bubble show, for 8 years. Creator of Bubble VR, a Virtual reality app that puts you inside a soap bubble. Maxwell filmed bubbles, with a 360 camera, INSIDE THE BUBBLE.
Bubble Land is a real version of Bubble VR. A world of liquid and light dancing to create the most unique and awe inspiring iridescent light shows.

The experience will consist of a 30minute Bubble show, inside the bubble. In a 4K Planetarium.
45mins in Bubble gallery. Where you can make your own bubbles, learn about bubbles, go inside a bubble and have a special Bubble photo taken.

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