Bubble Hexagon. Flower of Life


What you are looking at is no CGI, no animations, it is a REAL PHOTO of a soap bubble structure. The photo was taken with a 360 camera, INSIDE THE BUBBLE.   The camera, is in one bubble, connected to another seven bubbles. They join into a cluster and show geometry in a fundamental form, showing us Nature’s beautiful art.

Bubble can make these shapes as they are always finding the minimal surface area, following Plateau’s Law, to be as efficient and economical as possible. They always form angles of 120 degrees, the angles of a heaxagon. The same reason Bee hives, insect eyes and carbon atoms form hexagons. Bubbles show us how mathematical nature is.

All colours are iridescent light refraction from the tiny soap film. A soap film is the thinnest thing we can see with our naked eye, it is thinner than a wavelength of light. It is made up of 3 layers, soap water and soap. The multiple layers give it the iridescence when light passes through. When you see bubbles floating in the sky, you only see parts of the colour, but all bubbles have this amount of colour and make these shapes, even the bubbles we use for washing, this bubble is just larger and fully illuminated, allowing you to see all of its beauty.

This spherical photo has been stretched to a 16:9 ratio giving distortion on the petals. Water mark text removed in print. Printed with highest quality 4k image version.



All Art pieces, bubbles, structures, props and tool are made by myself, Maxwell the Bubbleologist. (c)

After years of performing bubbles shows around the world, I wanted to photographically capture their beauty. I started with a phone camera, then moved to a SLR camera. I found the closer I got the better. I got closer and closer, till I imagined the best place would be, inside the bubble. I then discovered 360 cameras. Unable to afford one at the time, I went outside the science museum for 4 days, performing bubble shows for 100s of people at a time. I made the money to buy the camera, bought it and went straight back to my bubble room,I stuck the camera in the bubble. I was instantly gratified.


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ultraHD Photo Print, Canvas, Aluminium

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16 x 9 cm, 32 x 18 cm, 48 x 27 cm, 64 x 36 cm, 80 x 45 cm, 112 x 63 cm, 128 x 72 cm, 144 x 81cm, 160 x 90 cm, 176 x 99 cm

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