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Welcome to the Bubble Empire. Experience the art and science of bubbles, like never before. Maxwell the bubbleologist has been wowing audiences, with the simple magic of soap films for years. From Children’s parties, to corporate events, cruise ships to the largest science gatherings in Asia. Everyone loves bubbles. There is an intricate simplicity, which brings us back to childhood. Especially when you have a professional bubbleologist, showing you every possibility of a soap bubble, like being INSIDE A BUBBLE or bubbles on FIRE and there is a lot more a bubble can do.
The Bubble Empire will provide your event with beautiful live alchemy, of shapes and colour, backed up with science and messages of positivity. Experience natural phenomenas like tornadoes and rainbows, behind the safety of a soap film. With the ability to adapt shows, to cater any audience, weather it’s hundreds of energetic children, adults looking to become children again or scientists trying to understand the physics of nature. Bubbles go deep down, to the fundamentals of reality, into the quantum field. You could never imagine how much more there is to bubbles.

Let the Bubble Empire edutain and inspire you and your guests to have a new appreciation, for childhood’s simplest of joys, and natures fundamental form of shape and colour.
Shows include. Little bubbles, giant bubbles, little people inside giant bubbles, smoke bubbles, bubble tornadoes, galaxy bubbles, Bubble art, tetrahedron, cube and dodechedron bubbles, millions of bubbles, rainbow bubbles, Virtual Reality bubbles, and FIRE BUBBLES.
Whole range of bubble services. Stage shows to living room shows, outdoor events, walkabout, art installations, Virtual Reality Bubble experiences. All shows are interactive.
Shows available indoors and outdoors. Makes no mess indoors, small spaces can work. Indoor shows for fanciest bubbles and putting people inside bubbles.
Bubble Shows are 1hr. Bubble Workshops 1hr. 2hr packages available.              Walkabout bubble sets available. 45mins x however many required.                 Full bubble days and science expos available.

Safety Information

Bubble Fire is safe for indoor use. The flame is small and last 3-5 seconds in the safety of Maxwell’s hand. No smoke or heat is released. See prices for details.

Smoke used is vaporized water and glycerine, no harmful chemicals. No flashing or direct lighting used.

Matts are provided in the set bubble space and most bubble mixture is caught with trays, leaving no mess or slippery liquid.

Bubble Man read-my-reviews-m WELCOME TO THE BUBBLE EMPIRE