Bubbleology 101 Class.

Transform a bubble destroyer to a Bubbleologist.

Learn bubble magic

Learn how to:

Make bubbles with your bare hands

Make giant Bubbles

Blow Bubbles inside Bubbles

Put your friends inside a bubble!

Advanced bubbleology for dedicated Bubble lovers.

Geometry and bubble combo tricks.

Age 3+

Bubble Science 7+

“If you want to understand the universe. Think in energy, frequency and pattern”

1, 3 or 5 part course. Depending on age/ability

Topics covered

Physics, mathematics, biology, architecture

At the end you will know:

Why bubbles and nature tend to be round. (Minimal surface area)

Why a bubble has rainbow colours and how rainbows work! (Behaviour and properties of light)

How to make a bubble cube and hexagon (Geometry)

What flowers, trees, birds and bees all have in common with bubbles (understanding nature through beautiful mathematics)

Group and school bookings

Content is adaptable for specific age / ability. From pre primary through to university, there is a lot we can learn from bubbles. Contact Maxwell for a bubble chat.

The course is aimed at understanding colours, shapes, patterns and the connections between them. As bubbles hold many fundamental principles , the goal is to give children the visual vocabulary of nature’s subtle and beautiful motions.

Maxwell the Bubbleologist began scientific studies on bubbles after 2 years of performing with bubbles. He realised bubbles are cosmic spheres, holding secrets of the universe. He demonstrated his work to 2500 scientists at Bombay Institute of Technology, at Tech fest 2018, Asia’s largest Science and Technology Festival.

Maxwells mission is to not to teach the world about bubble surface tension. not to teach the w to beautiful natural world and of course, to have a lot of fun doing it.

The criteria is enjoyment 🙂